Chicago’s Best Radio Stations: 102.7 WVAZ V103 Chicago

102.7 WVAZ (V103) Chicago ranks as one of Chicago’s Top Radio Stations by Chicago’s Best and is recognized as one of Chicago’s top stations for R&B and old school hip-hop.

What We Like: We love The Steve Harvey Morning Show on 102.7 V103. Harvey offers the perfect combination of humor and music to kick off your morning. The show features a wide spectrum of celebrities ranging from sports stars to world-famous entertainers. Harvey co-hosts the show with radio personalities Carla Ferrell, Shirley Strawberry, Nephew Tommy, and Junior.

What We Don’t Like: We’d like to see a better combination of modern and old school hits.

History: 102.7 WVAZ (V103) Chicago hosted its first broadcast in 1950 under the name WBMX. The station was one of Chicago’s first black-owned radio stations. WBMX was the first radio gig for infamous radio personality Doug Banks, who later left to join 107.5 WVAZ-FM. The station was acquired by Sonderling Broadcasting in the early 1970s and renamed to 102.7 WOPA. At that time, the station’s popularity spiked due to its show called “The Femme Forum”. The Femme Forum was a knockoff of a sex talk show out of Los Angeles. However, the FCC determined that the show was too inappropriate and closed down the show. In the late 1980’s, 102.7 was sold to Broadcast Partners, who rebranded the station to WVAZ V103. The station was later acquired by Chancellor Media, owner of 107.5 WGCI. In 2000, Chancellor Media merged with Clear Channel, today’s owner of the station.

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