Thompson Center Suspect Who Killed Policy Commander Was Heavily Armed

According to a statement by a Chicago police official to The Associated Press, the suspect in the Thompson Center shooting of Police Commander Paul Bauer was heavily armed. When the suspect was apprehended, the suspect had a semi-automatic handgun that was equipped with an extended clip of ammunition.

The police official who made the statement to The Associated Press spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Chicago Police Department has not authorized the release of these details. While Frank Giancamilli, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, did not comment on the weapons used or possessed by the suspect, Giancamilli disclosed that the suspect was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time his arrest.

The Thompson Center suspect is in police custody. At this time, charges have not yet been filed for the murder of Commander Paul Bauer.

Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer was a well-respected 31-year veteran of the Chicago Police Force. According to The Associated Press, Bauer spotted a suspicious person who matched the radio description of an armed suspect. Bauer identified himself as a police officer and attempted to detain the man. At that time, a physical fight pursued in which Bauer was shot and killed.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson made a statement to the press asking that “the citizens of this city to keep the Bauer family in their prayers.”


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