Amazon Go Store May Be Opening In Chicago

On Friday, news broke that Amazon may be opening six new Amazon Go stores. While the locations are still unknown, many say that Chicago is on the short list.

Based on a building permit filed on Wednesday with the City of Chicago, there are plans to build an “Amazon store” across the street from the James R. Thompson Center. According to the filing, 2,012 square feet will be dedicated to storage. The remaining 625 square feet will be reserved for retail.

The permit estimates the cost of the buildout at approximately $325,000. The buildout includes a new layout, upgrades, and updates to the HVAC and plumbing.

Amazon Go is the world’s most advanced grocery store. The store boasts state-of-the-art technology that allows consumers to avoid lengthy and frustrating checkout lines. With no cashiers, the store relies on sensors and camera to track shoppers’ items. To identify shoppers, customers must scan their Amazon app when entering and leaving the store. Upon leaving, Amazon charges the shoppers’ Amazon account.

There is only one Amazon Go store, located in Seattle. The Seattle space is 1,800 square feet. So if the retail space across from the Thompson Center is for an Amazon Go store, it will be much smaller than the Seattle location.

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